Allow us to prepare a healthy, nutritious meal for you.

As you age, there are a lot of circumstances that could make you lose your appetite. There are actually many factors that contribute to your loss of interest in eating. It could be that you are having a hard time preparing your meal or meal times may be lonely, especially if you are living alone. Certain medications can also reduce your sense of smell and taste. That is why we at Southern Comfort In-Home Care, Inc. are here to help you.

We provide meal preparation services as we personalized it according to your specific nutritional and dietary needs. Our caregivers can be your companion while you eat, thus, making your mealtime less lonely and boring.

This service includes:

caregiver serving food to her patient

  • Assistance with menu planning
  • Controlling and monitoring food and fluid intake
  • Following dietary restrictions and other limitations
  • Help with mealtime feeding
  • Complete meal preparation